LAB Service

With accumulated skill and experience
We will be reborn as
a global sterilization company

Sterile products of medical devices,medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Sterilization validation (validation evaluation)
  • Shelf life test for packaging
  • Dose Audit
  • Product Dose Mapping
  • Product and package design design support
  • Testing of material properties such as joint peeling and tensile strength
  • Examination of samples for the present investigation
  • Other technical support
    • Bioburden test : Test method (ISO 11737-1, Korea Pharmacopoeia)
    • Sterility test : comparison with test (Korean Pharmacopoeia, ISO11737-2
    • Manufacturing environment microbiological measurement test
    • Provides sterilization confirmation indicator
  • Examination of samples for this survey
  • Microorganism Test : Test Method (Food Code, Korean Pharmacopoeia, International Standard)
  • Other experiment support
  • Polymer crosslinked gamma irradiation test