Technology For Better Life

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
In today's rapidly changing business environment, companies need to be swift and effective in adapting to changes if they are to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. Companies cannot afford to go against the trend towards globalization in this new era. We want to make a new leap forward again as Soyagreentec has grown into a leading company of domestic sterilization industry.

Until now, Soyagreentec have been using cutting-edge green technology-gamma rays as the device industry. We are incredibly proud that we have helped raise the quality of various products through effective sterilization such as domestic medical equipment, food, packaging and containers. We are furthering our contribution to the development of Medical Diagnostics system with the goal of building a world-class medical brand.

Soyagreentec has 3 key areas of focus.
* Sterilization and research division using the world's latest gamma facility S-10000 from MDS Nordion, Canada.
* Medical division holding advanced technology.
* Molecular diagnostics division, the core of future diagnostic technology.

We consider customers our top priority and pursue our goals in each of these areas with conviction and a passion for excellence, creativity and a global perspective. This has helped us to become a company that makes a genuine contribution to human health and well being.

Our belief in the 3QP philosophy (Quality People Quality Process Quality Product) means that Soyageentec is the leading company in our industry. We have every confidence in the outstanding performance and commitment to excellence of our employees.